The mission of the American Business Women’s Association is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.


July 2, 2009 @ 6:00 P.M.

Hy-Vee Store (Conference room upstairs)

Speaker:  Christine Kittrell, Lead Teacher, Focus Program First Presbyterian Church, Teacher of the Year – 2003 JCPS     

 Website:  www.sterlingabwa.com

Newsletter Committee:  Beverly Figg, Barbara Cochran and Joyce Rodden


President Julie’s Page


Welcome Guests and Members,

 I extend my greetings to all in attendance this evening at our monthly business meeting in which we honor our scholarship recipients.  It is our pleasure to have you present at this meeting, along with your guests. 

 My appreciation to each of the members for your vote of confidence as I continue as President of our Chapter for 2009-2010.  The Executive Board is as follows:

 Vice President:  Joyce Rodden

Secretary:           Beth Rockelman

Treasurer:           Cindy Wilkins   

 I would like to ask the members to think about what committee they would like to be active on as I would like for all new committees to be ready at our August meeting to discuss their goals as we begin our new year.  We will discuss at our July meeting.

 I again mention, for calendar purposes, the following date to our members:

 September 24-26, 2009 – National Women’s Leadership Conference in Kansas City at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center, celebrating the 60th anniversary of ABWA.  Hopefully some of us can attend this ABWA gathering on the first couple of days since we are involved with the Old Munichburg Festival on September 26. 

 As I’ve mentioned before, our membership should continually discuss how we can assure our chapter is run the best possible way.  Feel free to present any ideas and or challenges that you would like to see discussed.

In closing, may we always value what we have done and accomplished as a chapter since forming in 1974.


Julie Wieberg, President



ABWA Sterling Chapter

General Membership Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2009


Julie Wieberg, President welcomed 13 members and 12 guests to the Sterling Chapter General Membership Meeting  and  Business Associates Night at Capital City Steakhouse, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

 Joyce Rodden led the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance. Self introductions were made.  Stacey Beddoe created  “icebreaker bingo”  sheets which were distributed to everyone present.   Members and guests circulated throughout the room to find answers from each other for “bingo” and become acquainted.  

 Joyce Rodden introduced our guest speaker, Rod Smith who is the Sports Director at KRCG TV, Director of Public Relations of Naught & Naught Agency and owns Rod Smith Video Productions. Rod shared his musical talent, singing and playing the guitar.  He included an original composition tribute to his good neighbors, Ruth and Kelson Cook.  Ruth is one of our dear ABWA members as well.  

 Mr. Smith’s mother and grandmother were business owners and a great inspiration to him.  As Rod relayed daughter Brittany’s recovery from accident,  TV sports job loss and re-employment, he emphasized his faith in God,  family support and community of friends.          

He appreciates ABWA educational scholarship opportunities for female future leadership. He stated how important it is to have a positive  influence and these scholarships enhance women’s lives.  

  Julie Wieberg, President conducted the business meeting. 

 Gala Miller’s motion, seconded by Barbara Cochran to accept the April general membership meeting minutes was approved. Beverly Figg’s motion to accept the treasurer’s report was seconded by Barbara Cochran and approved by the membership.

Stacey Beddoe and Cindy Wilkins are members of the Auditing Committee and will soon report on treasurer’s records.

Education Scholarship Committee Chairwoman, Pamela Kormann, presented information summaries of 10 Sterling Chapter ABWA scholarship applicants for us to review and then select 4 of them to receive $600 scholarships.   The chosen ones are:

                                Christine Harris

                                Dana Pridgon

                                Jenny Morris

                                Sarah Rose Marie Kliethermes

Reta  McDonald, Nominating Committee Chairwoman reported candidates for officers are: Julie Wieberg, President; Joyce Rodden, Vice President; Cindy Wilkins, Treasurer; and Beth Rockelman. Secretary.  All were accepted by acclamation.

Beverly Figg presented the Sterling Chapter “Woman of the Year” Award to Beth Rockelman.  

Sterling Chapter’s next meeting is June 11 at Coca-Cola Building, hosted by LaVida.   (Sterling’s social committee informed everyone per telephone, that location is changed to Gibson Girls Café, Holts Summit)

The May meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. with Joyce Rodden leading the benediction. 

Thank you Joyce, for all the table favors, decorations and door prizes. Thanks to all of the Sterling Chapter ABWA members for the honor and privilege of the “Woman of the Year” status.   I appreciate  your friendliness, generous compliments and most of all, yourselves being who you are.  (Beth)                                                                                               

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Rockelman, Secretary



Sterling Chapter

  Treasurer’s Report                                                                           

  May – June, 2009












BALANCE – May 7, 2009












May  Dinners  451.00



April Dinners 10.00

















Capital City Steakhouse 484.50



Barb Cochran – Backes flowers 22.65  


Barb Cochran – Sommers flowers 23.24  


Bev Figg – Engraving for Women of the year plaque 15.36  


























BALANCE – May 7, 2009











RADA 70.75  










Cindy Wilkins – Rada order 54.55  


Cindy Wilkins – Rada order 41.85  




Total Expenses   96.40










SMRF Fund        350.00







        ABWA  Sterling Chapter

 Executive Board Meeting Minutes              

April  21, 2009 

  At the Catholic Diocesan Chancery (Julie’s Office)


Julie Wieberg, President, called the ABWA Executive Board meeting to order at 11:15 a.m.  This meeting is in advance for the month of May as the Business Associates night will be May 7th.

 Stacey Beddoe will give a  “vocational talk” at the meeting in May.    The Woman of the Year will be announced by Bev Figg and Stacey Beddoe.  Ballots for scholarship recipients will be distributed to ABWA members who will then vote on choices.  Pamela Kormann, Scholarship Committee Chairman has scheduled a Committee review of applications tonight to narrow number of applications to approximately 12 for general ABWA membership to vote on.  The Executive Board decided to set the amount of scholarships at $600 each and have 4 individuals awarded scholarships.     

The Nominating Committee will give their report also.  

 Please make correction of Theresa Backes’  address in 2009  membership roster to 4617 Kingsbury Row.

 Julie distributed a brochure from William Woods University regarding their available meeting room rental facility at the Jefferson City Wildwood Campus for our consideration of a future ABWA meeting site.  There is a fee associated with this option.  The Executive Board decided that the Committee who plans meeting location/meals should make choices of future meeting site(s) and present them to the Executive Board.

The Executive Board does recommend securing reservations as early as possible for December 2009 and June 2010  joint meetings with LaVida Chapter since our Sterling Chapter will be hosting both times.

Renewal of Sterling Chapter ABWA website was discussed.   Julie Wieberg, Barbara Cochran, Bev Figg and Denise Weaver  have conferred with Barbara Freeman regarding continuing with current website which was to expire in a short time.  Ms. Freeman’s recommendation to keep our domain name and use the free WordPress.com   website was accepted. There is a renewal cost of approximately $13 for one year.   

Business Associates Night was discussed.  Joyce Rodden will introduce our guest speaker, Rod Smith.   She is also decorating tables and including door prizes for the evening.  Extra help with set up preparations is appreciated. 

 An Auditing Committee consisting of Stacey Beddoe and Cindy Wilkins was appointed.

The next Sterling Chapter general meeting is June 11 at the Coca-Cola Building hosted by LaVida Chapter.

The Executive Board meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Rockelman, Secretary




Protect yourself from heatstroke:

1. Drink water every half hour when in the sun.

2. Replace lost minerals with bananas.

3. Head for the trees for shade.

4. Hit the sink to cool your body down with cold water on your wrist.

 Tip: If you’re too hot, eat some parsley; its menthol oils affect your body’s internal temperature gauge, cooling you down from the inside!


Mystery Member


                Once upon a time was interested in a career as an archeologist.





“Always take joy in the fact that you are special. 

Do the things that make your heart sing with joy. 

Keep your face in the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadows.” — Helen Keller


 “More important than talent, strength or knowledge is the ability to laugh at yourself and enjoy the pursuit of your dreams.” — Amy Grant   



Lord, in the quiet of this hour,

we come to thee for wisdom and for power,

to view thy world through only love-filled eyes,

to grow in understanding, to be wise,

and sure to see thy guiding light, and thus

to know each other as thou knowest us.  Amen



Oh guiding spirit, guardian of our days,

be with us as we go our separate ways.

Help us to feel those thoughts that lift and bless,

to know a closer bond of friendliness,

to see thy beauty always – every day,

translated into living – this we pray. Amen


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