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August 6, 2009 @ 6:00 P.M.

Panera Bread

Speaker:  Shauna Kerperin, Director of Parents as Teachers

                       @ Blair Oaks R-11 School District

 Website:  www.sterlingabwa.com

Newsletter Committee:  Beverly F. and Joyce R.

 President Julie’s Page


Welcome to any guests with us this evening and to the members of Sterling Chapter.

 As we begin our new year for our chapter may we gather together in working toward our future goals and endeavors. We will discuss as a group tonight, and in our respective committees these items.  My appreciation too to each member’s commitment to the committee they chose. 

 We will have the installation this evening for our incoming Treasurer, Cindy W.  My deepest appreciation to Carriette F. for serving as Treasurer this past year.

I wanted to share with you a reflection that I read recently:

 “My morning cup of coffee is so important.  For this brief moment, I call myself to awareness, and remind myself that the lists, bills, projects and the phone calls are a part of my day, but they are not at the heart of my day.  The heart of my day is the mysterious and magical gift of life itself.  Most of us live ordinary lives.  We greet each morning.  A first cup of coffee, a check of emails, breakfast, off to work or busily doing other endeavors during retirement.  It is the pattern we live by, the habits by which we shape our lives.  Ritual is nothing more than habit made holy.  It’s a focusing of the mind and a directing of the heart so the common events of life do not pass unnoticed and unhonored.  My first cup of coffee has become such a ritual.  By stopping my attention and investing the moment with mindfulness, I focus on the beauty, rather than the obligations, before me.  With this first sip, the fire of life comes alive in me.  I sense the richness of the earth, the calming flow of water, the transformative power of fire, the aroma of life and nourishment.”   

 I look forward to our new year with anticipation and gratitude to each member of Sterling Chapter for all your efforts.  


Julie W., President

 JUNE 11, 2009


Sterling Chapter ABWA General Membership met on June 11, 2009 @ the Gibson Girls Café,  Holts Summit, with, LaVida Chapter hosting. We had a great attendance of 11 Sterling members who enjoyed a tasty meal and  then a program given by Alice Longfellow, owner of Longfellow’s Garden Center of Centertown, MO.   Alice brought several beautiful potted plants to show and tell about.   It was a very informative and interesting presentation.    Questions from the group were discussed by Alice.   Members of LaVida led the invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and later concluded the event with the benediction.

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth R.

ABWA Sterling Chapter

General Membership Meeting Minutes

July 2, 2009

Julie W., President welcomed 14 members, 8 guests and 1 visitor to the Sterling Chapter General Membership Meeting, beginning 6:10 p.m. @ Hy-Vee conference room.  Chinese food was served.

 Bev F. led the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.

 Joyce R. read a poem entitled,” Here’s To You America”.

 Stacey B. created an  “icebreaker balloon” marked with designs of a book, star, pet and a happy face, indicating a favorite teacher, dream career, favorite pet, or a favorite hobby for our self introductions.  

Barbara C. introduced our guest speaker, Christine Kittrell. Mrs. Kittrell originates from Springfield, Missouri.  In 1985 she and her husband transferred to Jefferson City. They have 3 children.  She renewed actively with the Presbyterian Church and began teaching preschoolers.  Although happy fulfilling the role of housewife and mother, a future teaching career advanced. Christine worked at Bel-Air School Kindergarten and with special needs kids.   Her passion is the “Focus Program” funded by the Presbyterian Church as an outreach mission, which is a full year alternative school from kindergarten to second grade.   She was honored to receive the 2003 Teacher of the Year award at Bel-Air.

She suggests taking the unexpected path.  Experiences come from unusual places, as she knows from spending time in Alaska and moving several times due to her husband’s employment.

Stacey B., Sterling Chapter member and owner of Southwest Animal Hospital. Stacey shared her early education experiences and those of becoming a veterinarian. After an initial struggle in elementary school, Stacey became the valedictorian graduating with a perfect 4.0 and  secured a coveted college placement.  (One of 68 from 400 applicants)  Her superior school transcripts from Junior High days, an essay covering why she chose this career, and an interview preceded passing an entrance exam.   Much of the educational material is similar to what a medical doctor studies. After these numerous hours of college credits an exam is given by the Missouri State Veterinary Medical Board for a license to practice. Stacey noted that the program at University of Missouri-Columbia includes exotic, farm, small/large animals, radiology. A veterinarian can graduate for general practice or if specialized area then take an internship.   She also discussed current legislation issue– guardianship of animals and other current publicized topics.  By the way, Stacey graduated from college as the Salutatorian with 3.9 grade point. Congratulations Stacey on all your wonderful accomplishments !!         

Julie W., President conducted the business meeting.  Julie sent around a list of committees everyone could choose to sign up for.

As a motion was made and seconded for approval of the secretary’s minutes of May 2009, Pamela K. noted that a correction of spelling last name of two scholarship recipients was needed. Bev F. amended her original motion to accept the May General Membership Meeting minutes with spelling corrections.  Theresa B. seconded the amended motion and it was approved. Joyce R’s motion to accept the treasurer’s  report was seconded by Theresa Backes and then approved as printed. 

Helen B. reported that Council of Clubs next meeting will be in September.

Pamela K., Chairperson, Education Scholarship Committee introduced the scholarship recipients: 

  • Christine Hannis
  • Dana Pridgin
  • Sarah Rose Marie Kliethermes
  • Jenny Morris

 Their future plans are: mass communications, business administration, music education and nursing; respectively.  We wish them well with their endeavors.

 Our next fundraising activity is the Munichburg Festival in September. RADA sales are continuing throughout the year. 

Cindy W.  will gladly accept newspaper accounts for ABWA Historian records.  Stacey B. announced that ABWA applications are available anytime.  Just a reminder to Hospitality Committee to secure meeting location as early as possible for December.   Stacey B. and Cindy W. are members of the Auditing Committee and next month will report on treasurer’s records.  Cindy W., Treasurer elect will be installed at meeting in August.

Copies of the Standing Rules were distributed to members for review.  We will vote to accept them at the September meeting. 

A thank you card was received from Theresa B.   She wrote “Thank you very much for the beautiful plant, as well as for your prayers and concern during the illness and death of my dear brother Marvin. Your thoughtfulness was very much appreciated.  I am happy to be part of such a wonderful group of ABWA women.”

The “mystery woman” was Beth R. Please give more  “mystery” Newsletter items to Bev F.   The July meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. with Bev F. leading the benediction. 

 Respectfully submitted, 

  Beth R., Secretary


Lord, in the quiet of this hour,

we come to thee for wisdom and for power,

to view thy world through only love-filled eyes,

to grow in understanding, to be wise,

and sure to see thy guiding light, and thus

to know each other as thou knowest us.  Amen



Oh guiding spirit, guardian of our days,

be with us as we go our separate ways.

Help us to feel those thoughts that lift and bless,

to know a closer bond of friendliness,

to see thy beauty always – every day,

translated into living – this we pray. Amen


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