The mission of the American Business Women’s Association is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.

 March 4, 2010 @ 6:00 P.M., McAlister’s, Speaker: Jill Dobbs – Central Bank

  President Julie’s Page

Welcome to our guest speaker, guests and members to our March meeting. Our meeting last month in celebration of Citizenship Month was very nice.  Thank you Joyce for the reading regarding Abraham Lincoln and for making the evening so festive. 

 By the meeting this evening we will have completed our major fundraiser, our Craft Sale and Chili Luncheon.  As always, I am very thankful to each of our members for all the work they put forth in coming together to raise scholarship funds to enable a graduating senior from high school or a woman out of school wanting to return to further her education.  Gala, thank you for all your efforts in coordinating the craft sale, to Ruth for making sure the bake sale and hours are covered for working and to Barbara in ensuring our event is well publicized.  I’ve mentioned only three members but I know without each member’s assistance this event would not be possible, and I can’t forget the gentlemen that come to offer their help….our appreciation to each of you.

 Our April meeting is fast approaching.  Please submit names to our membership committee (Theresa, Stacey and Carriette) so that invitations can be sent. 

 I am thankful for the friendship we share as members of Sterling Chapter.

 Sincerely, Julie W., President

 Sterling Chapter General Membership Meeting Minutes: February 4, 2010

 President Julie W. welcomed 11 members and 7 guests to the Sterling Chapter General Membership Meeting, beginning 6:00 p.m. @ Bones restaurant.

The Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance were led by Cindy W.; Joyce R. gave a reading from President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural speech.

 Self-introductions included a statement on who each person would give a Valentine to. 

Our featured speaker was Missouri Senator Carl Vogel.   He serves on numerous organizations’ board of directors, is the president of Coca Cola, Inc., and is in his 20th year with the State Legislature.  Senator Vogel’s constituents encompass the counties of Callaway, Cole, Miller, Moniteau and Morgan. He spoke on current budget issues, term limits and education. He told the group that the topics of “Fair Tax”, nuclear energy, and the need for judicial changes regarding non-violent crimes bear attention in the future.  Mr. Vogel is in his final term. Other accolades bestowed upon him throughout his colorful career include the Jefferson City Jaycees naming him as one of 10 outstanding Americans.

Following Senator Vogel’s presentation, President Julie W. conducted the business meeting. Chapter Secretary Beth R. read a thank you card from Carriette F.

A motion made by Barbara C. and seconded by Carriette F. to accept the January 2010 General Membership Meeting Minutes was approved. After a minor typo correction regarding the Craft Booth fees line item, Barbara C.’s motion to accept the treasurer’s report was seconded by Theresa B. and subsequently approved by the General Membership.

Carriette F. reported on the 94th Council of Clubs luncheon. Our ABWA representatives were seated at the honors table and Sterling Chapter was recognized for having 100% attendance at the council meetings. Judge Patricia Breckenridge was the featured speaker.

There were no reports from either the Education/Scholarship Committee or the Membership Committee.  However, Julie W. stated that she received one inquiry regarding scholarship application information.

Pamela K. is accepting items for the ABWA historian scrapbook.  

Our craft sale, chili luncheon and bake sale is scheduled for February 27th at the Eagles Lodge. Gala M. reported that 17 vendors have paid for booth space. She will give a craft sale radio interview to Paul Pepper that will have a wide broadcast. Cindy W. will replenish the RADA inventory.    

Barbara C. reported that Tom Troesser at Bee Seen Signs appreciated receiving the two complimentary luncheon tickets. Barbara is finalizing the remaining ads. Advanced meal tickets sales are excellent. Members who had been absent at previous meeting received tickets to sell also.

 Steve Raithel from Central Dairy will donate the ice cream.  Thank you, Steve!!

** Thanks to the guys who will be cooking the chili and delivering carry out meals.   ** Thanks to each and everyone for bake sale items. ** Thank you to everyone for the many generous donations of time, talent and efforts put forth on this occasion.

 Please give more “mystery” Newsletter items to Bev F. 

Our next meeting will be March 4, 2010 at McAlister’s Restaurant. Cindy W. led the Benediction. Respectfully submitted, Beth R., Secretary

 Think About It

Practice Repetition:  Experts say that it takes 21 days for a change in behavior to become a habit and a minimum of six months for the practice to become ingrained into your daily life.  Begin your positive habits now!                                                                                               


Save the Date – District III Spring Conference
April 16-17, 2010
Itasca, IL
The Westin Chicago

Join other ABWA Members for:

• Networking
• Education
• Fun

Tasty Brownies

Mix brownie mixture as directed on package. Combine softened 8 oz. cream cheese, 1/3 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1 egg….beat until smooth. Spoon on top of brownie mixture. Bake @ 325 degrees for 38-42 minutes in a 9″ square pan or until cream cheese is lightly browned (I actually use a little larger pan but smaller than 13×9). Remove from oven and immediately spread one jar of simply fruit on top.  Cool….keeps well in fridge. 

Note:  You can find Simply Fruit in the store….different kinds, e.g., strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, etc.  I’ve seen more flavors at Schultes than at Gerbes.  I’ve used strawberry and raspberry and have always been pleased. Submitted by Julie W.

Beef Taco Skillet

1 lb. ground beef, 1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Tomato soup, 1/2 cup salsa, 1/2 cup water, 6 flour tortillas (6″) cut into 1-inch pieces,  1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Cook beef in 10″ skillet until well browned, stirring to break up the meat.  Pour off fat. Stir in soup, salsa, water and tortillas. Heat to a boil.  Reduce heat to low and cook for 5 minutes. Stir. Top with cheese.  Makes 4 servings. You can also stir in 1/2 cup of sour cream with the soup for a creamy base. Submitted by Joyce R.  

 Raspberry Pie

 1 (9 inch) graham cracker pie shell, 1 pt. frozen raspberries, 2 cups Cool Whip, 1 small pkg. raspberry Jell-O

Prepare Jell-O with one cup boiling water. When Jell-O is dissolved, add frozen raspberries.  Mix well.  When Jell-O raspberry mixture has thickened, add the cool whip.  Pour into pie shell and chill at least one hour. Submitted by Joyce R.          

 Interesting Thoughts and Tidbits

 The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter.

 “What we earnestly aspire to be, that in some sense we are. ” – Anna Johnson

“True friends are those who really know you but love you anyway.” – Edna Buchanan

“Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light.” –  Jennie Churchill, (mother of Winston Churchill)

Why waste your imagination on worrying?

 This new year, resolve to love yourself exactly the way you are!

Health – Can cats help your heart? Yes! A new 10-year study, suggests that the comfort derived from living with a cat lowers your risk of a heart attach by 40%.

Stroke patients who regularly listen to music show a higher recovery rate!


Lord, in the quiet of this hour, we come to thee for wisdom and for power, to view thy world through only love-filled eyes, to grow in understanding, to be wise, and sure to see thy guiding light, and thus to know each other as though knowest us. Amen


Oh guiding spirit, guardian of our days, Be with us as we go our separate ways. Help us to feel those thoughts that lift and bless, to know a closer bond of friendliness, to see thy beauty always – every day, translated into living – this we pray. Amen.

 Printing of bulletin courtesy of  Hendren Andrae, LLC